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Amazon Products

Here are my favourite Amazon Products.

My Favourite Board Games


Picture yourself in the era of discoveries: after a long voyage of great deprivation, your ships have finally reached the coast of an uncharted island. Its name shall be Catan! But you are not the only discoverer. Other fearless seafarers have also landed on the shores of Catan: the race to settle the island has begun!


Challenge friends and family and play the Monopoly Ultimate Banking game! Featuring an Ultimate Banking unit with touch technology, players can instantly buy properties, set rent, and tap their way to fortune. Modern Banking!

Board Games



iPhone 11

There are amazing features such as the camera interface. The camera interface on the iPhone 11 has been overhauled with a more immersive experience that lets you see and capture the area outside of the frame using the ultra wide-angle camera if desired. 

Logitech K380 Wireless bluetooth keyboard

The slim, lightweight K380 Multi-Device keyboard is easy to carry and outfitted with Bluetooth so you can multitask at home, on the go, or at your favorite cafe.Connect up to three devices—even with different operating systems— and switch between them with a tap. There are many more features!

Travel Essentials


9.5ft Tie Down Straps

SHOPEE 9.5ft Tie Down Straps, Heavy Duty Lashing Straps up to 600lbs,Adjustable Cam Buckle Tie-Down Straps for Motorcycle, Cargo, Trucks,Trailer,Luggage- Black 2 Pack



Laneige Glowing Lip Balm (Berry)

Daily moisturizing: It instantly removes flakes and makes the lips look hydrated as though the lips are coated with a breathable layer of moisture.

Laneige Sleeping Mask (Berry)

The Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige gently melts away dead skin cells from the lips, making the lips feel smooth and elastic. Experience smooth firming lip night care with the new lip sleeping pack.

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